Lifestyle #2512

Life Choices with Deniece Williams

Wouldn’’t it be great if every choice in our life could be easy? Our guest today, R&B/pop/gospel singer Deniece Williams, has made quite a few choices in her life over the years. She has always marched to the beat of her own drum and it’’s paid off for her with hit songs, four Grammy Awards and a life with few regrets. She’’s here with us to share how she’’s done it over the years.

Lifestyle #2515

Healing the Mind

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. What we think and believe can actually hurt us and prevent us from being who we want to be, who we were meant to be. In this episode we’re going to examine our brain and learn how to think and believe in a healthy way; God’s way. Join our guests, Dr. Timothy Jennings, an international speaker and psychiatrist with guest Luann Serafine. Dr. Jennings is the author of a life-changing book called “Could It Be This Simple? A Biblical Model For Healing The Mind.”

Lifestyle #2411

Embracing Change with John Tarnoff + recipes from Chef AJ

He’’s held 18 different positions and been fired 39% of the time in his career, but it’’s those very stats that have allowed him to become a highly sought-after speaker and graduate teacher at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the most prestigious business universities in the world. John Tarnoff is our guest on this episode, and he talks about how to work through layoffs and reinvent yourself career-wise by learning to embrace change. Also joining us is Chef AJ with some very delicious and easy salad recipes.

Lifestyle #2503

Discovering Joy

Imagine having everything you ever dreamed of, yet feeling so alone, so lost, so desperate for connection, that you were willing to take your own life. Our guest today was right there, willing to take that last step. Join us to find out what stopped Jason Davis as he shares from his book, Your Love Pursues: A Memoir.

Lifestyle #2341

Celebrate Change

Dr. Wanda Turner, motivational speaker and author of Celebrate Change, explains why it’s important to embrace change in times of grief. She is the founder of “Calling First Ladies,” a ministry to spouses of bishops, pastors, and celebrities.

Lifestyle #2343

Get Over Yourself

Our guest today, Jennifer Beckham, is a former Disney Princess that learned life isn’t always a fairytale, but you CAN get over yourself and into a life free from shame, regret, anger, and insecurity.

Lifestyle #2330

The House That Cleans Itself

A house that cleans itself? Sounds too good to be true. But it’s possible, according to our guest Mindy Starns Clark, author of The House That Cleans Itself. She will share with us how you can creatively conquer the household mess, even if you are domestically challenged!

Lifestyle #2253

Who Switched Off My Brain?

Did you know that what we think can be toxic to our bodies? Dr. Caroline Leaf, researcher and author of Who Switched Off My Brain? discusses how to avoid toxic thought patterns and how we can achieve our greatest potential for healthy living.

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