Lifestyle #3204

Music and Healing with Jonathan Cilia Faro

Sometimes we face trauma in our lives that affects us in such a way that we’re changed forever. But today’s guest has used his own life trauma, to spread hope to tens of thousands of people, through his musical talents. Join us today, as we welcome professional musician and opera singer, Jonathan Cilia Faro.

Lifestyle #3101

From Heart Transplant to Broken Miracle with Paul Cardall

Today, we’re going to be speaking to an artist who has given a new meaning to the phrase, a change of heart and how he used this radical change to take his music to an unexpected place.  Despite being born with a potentially life-threatening heart defect, our guest today, Paul Cardall, has become a world recognized pianist.

Lifestyle #2724

Go Live Your Life

Country music has always reflected real life, and one artist with a gift for capturing both heartache and hope is today’s guest, Wade Hayes. A Stage IV colon cancer diagnosis has a low survival rate, but Wade has fought to overcome this challenge successfully for more than 6 years now with a positive mindset and treatment. He shares his moving story, what he learned through life’s challenges and some of the uplifting songs inspired by the journey.   Free Offer: Health & Healing Magazine: Cancer Prevention Offer Code: PREVNT-M-F-401   Offer Description:  Cancer Prevention by the Wildwood Lifestyle Center Journal of Health & Healing editorial staff.   Shop Now

Lifestyle #2715

Keeping Your Marriage Strong

Mark Masri is an internationally known singer.  Mark and Angela Masri have been married since 1998 and have one son together.  Mark talks about how he balances his home/family schedule with his career on the road. He encourages all men to put their family over their career as career accolades will come and go but the deposits that we make into our families last a lifetime. Those are the investments that carry us when all the fame, fortune and successes are gone.   Free Offer: Marriage Moments by Mike & Gayle Tucker     Offer Code: MOMENT-P-F-401   Offer Description: Mike and Gayle Tucker offer realistic and down-to-earth insight into what makes a great relationship.  The book addresses sensitive issues such as forgiveness, jealousy, financial difficulties, anger, communication, illness, addiction, extramarital affairs, and much more.


Reduce Stress with Relaxing Music

Music has a well-established relaxing effect on our bodies and minds. Therapists use music to help people overcome anxiety and depression, and improve their cognitive functioning, motor skills and social skills. Science has also proven that music has many beneficial physiological effects including slowing down the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and reducing the level…

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