Lifestyle #2353

How To Fill An Empty Nest

An empty nest often presents challenges in a marriage, but our Mad About Marriage guests, David and Claudia Arp, believe that the rest of your marriage can be the best of your marriage. They talk about that in their book, The Second Half of Marriage: Facing the Eight Challenges of the Empty Nest Years.

Lifestyle #2355

Struggles In Parenting

On this Mad About Marriage episode, Frank and Elizabeth (Liz) Rittersdorf have the same goals as parents:  To be great role models for their two sons and to raise them to be good men. But like many of us, their parenting styles are a little different, which can create conflict. We’ll discuss how parents with different parenting styles can find common ground.

Lifestyle #2356

Emotional Fitness

On this Mad About Marriage, David and Teresa Ferguson share the importance of managing hurts, frustrations, and disappointments in marriage. They are authors of over 30 books, including Emotional Fitness.

Lifestyle #2333

Different Backgrounds In Marriage

On this episode of Mad About Marriage, Mike and Gayle Tucker demonstrate how to fight fairly with your spouse. Our guests today are Martin and Ari Garcia, a couple that come from very different backgrounds with no role models of successful relationships to use for inspiration. Yet they are still going strong after 10 years of marriage.

Lifestyle #2336

He Said, She Said

Learn ways to stop talking past each other and to each other instead. Our guest, marriage and family therapist Dr. Corey Allan, has created a unique “He Said She Said” workshop where he helps those who have trouble understanding each other and handling each other’s messages.

Lifestyle #2321

The Love Legacy

Sheri Rose Shepherd, author of Your Heart’s Desire, shows us how we can build a legacy for our children regardless of whether we’re single, married, or divorced. Even if your life was in ruins, you can rebuild for the next generation.

Lifestyle #2325

Bringing Spirituality Into Your Marriage

Creating a deeper spiritual connection with your spouse can have many benefits for your marriage, and we’ve invited Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, the directors of Family Ministries for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, to share with us their thoughts on spiritual intimacy. Because when it comes down to spiritual intimacy, it’s really all about partnering with God.

Lifestyle #2327

Jumping The Marriage Hurdles

Want to find a way to overcome the hurdles in your marriage? Our guests on this Mad About Marriage episode, Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, have been helping couples make it to the next level through their ONE Extraordinary Marriage workshops. But what’s really amazing is the kinds of obstacles they themselves have overcome.

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