Lifestyle #2263

When Your Spouse Doesn’t Believe

How can you manage to make a marriage work when one spouse is a believer and the other is not? Or when one partner is more religious than another? Author Nancy Kennedy walks through this relationship hurdle, offering tips on how to alleviate the stress in this area.

Lifestyle #2242

Peace Over Violence + recipes from Debi Pedersen

Is teen violence on the rise? Patti Giggans, executive director of Peace Over Violence, and Mikell Crumble, a Peace Over Violence volunteer, discuss the frequency of teen violence in our society today, reasons for its occurrence, ways to curb it, and how to offer support to those in need. Chef Debi Pedersen shares her recipes for an international breakfast at the end.

Lifestyle #2245

When There’s A Lot to Overcome

Former professional baseball star and current Christian radio host Frank Pastore shares his journey from atheism to finding God’s love. Pastore describes his transformation in his book, Shattered, providing a meaningful understanding of what it means to be a Christian.

Lifestyle #2251

When You’re Not Born Religious

Dave Schmelzer, author of Not the Religious Type, shares how he went from being an atheist to becoming a man of great faith. He’s created a place where faith can blossom in the very secular, skeptical world of Harvard University.

Lifestyle #2227

Ultimate Loss

Terry Caffey from Across America Ministries discusses how he lost his wife and kids through a violent homicide, and how God brought him out of that darkness to a place of salvation and healing.

Lifestyle #2230

A New You By Friday

Psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman walks readers through their own personal five-day action plan to change their lives by concentrating on becoming who they really want to be.

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