Lifestyle #3212

Baby CHAOS with Jennifer and David Quach

If you’re a parent, then a baby can often mean chaos. But one couple came to associate the word with something much more terrifying. Join us today as we meet with Jennifer and David Quach and hear their incredible story about their CHAOS baby, Jethro.

Lifestyle #3214

JimPressions with Actor Jim Meskimen

Our guest on this episode has entertained so many with his comedic talent and countless performances in films, TV and video games. As the son of the famous “Happy Days” mom, Marion Ross, he had to navigate all of the challenges of growing up as a Hollywood kid. Learn how he was able to escape substance abuse and the many common pitfalls that so many have fallen into. Here to show off his improv skills and give us insight into art communities is the incredible Jim Meskimen.

Lifestyle #3215

Family Affair with Kathy Garver

We all handle rejection differently, but it’s important we keep moving forward regardless. Join us today as we talk with acclaimed actress Kathy Garver, to hear her thoughts on self-image and discuss her passion for living every minute.

Lifestyle #3210

Leave Your Mark with Patrick Dancy

We all want to find our purpose in life, but how? Where do we start? Well, today we’re setting out to answer those questions. Join us as we take a closer look at self-identity, success, and leaving an impact on others with entrepreneur Patrick Dancy.

How a Kid Became the King of Animatronics

Join host Roy Ice for “How a Kid Became the King of Animatronics,” the Garner Holt Story, Part 1, as he interviews Garner Holt to learn about his journey to becoming the largest animatronics producer in the world. Garner always dreamed of working for Disney, but when that didn’t happen, he educated himself and started his own company while still in high school. In this episode, we’ll hear about the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to achieve his dream. We’ll also explore the topics of animatronics and what it takes to turn your passions into a successful business. Don’t miss this inspiring episode!

Lifestyle #3208

No Bad Days with JT “Jester” Mestdagh”

We all have limitations, whether they be physical or otherwise. How often do we use those limitations as an excuse to give up on what seems too hard, and never reach our full potential? Well, today’s guest has not only overcome his own limitations, but has become an influential podcaster and bestselling author. Join us today as we welcome our special guest, JT Jester.

Lifestyle #3205

More is Possible with Wendy Yost

Grief is a response to the loss of someone or something important to our lives. It is a difficult feeling to endure, but one we must all face in our lives. Join us today as we discuss this natural part of our life and learn to navigate it together with grief educator and multi-published author, Wendy Yost.

Living With Stuttering

In this episode of “Living With Stuttering,” host Roy Ice interviews Kimberly Ball, who shares her personal journey with stuttering and how it impacted her social and emotional life. Kimberly opens up about her family’s history with stuttering and how connecting with others who stutter has helped her feel less alone. As an educator with extensive experience and educational background in Communicative Disorders and Special Education, Kimberly discusses the importance of education, advocacy, resilience and counseling in helping individuals manage stuttering and break free from the stigma that often accompanies it. Tune in to hear her inspiring story, along with valuable insights and advice for those facing similar challenges.

Lifestyle #3202

Flexible Dieting with Alan and Jeana Aragon

Are you looking to lead a more healthy, active lifestyle, but don’t know where to begin? Researching diets and exercise routines can be a daunting task. How do you separate the fads from what will actually work for you? Join us today as we meet with nutrition and fitness expert, Alan Aragon and his wife Jeana and discuss how his investigation into science-based health is paving the way for the fitness movement.

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