Lifestyle #2343

Get Over Yourself

Our guest today, Jennifer Beckham, is a former Disney Princess that learned life isn’t always a fairytale, but you CAN get over yourself and into a life free from shame, regret, anger, and insecurity.

Lifestyle #2344


On this Mad About Marriage program, Paula Spencer Scott; author of Momfidence and collaborator on eight other parenting, pregnancy, and health books; shares with us the concept of Momfidence: the confidence that comes when moms start worrying less and winging it more.

Lifestyle #2355

Struggles In Parenting

On this Mad About Marriage episode, Frank and Elizabeth (Liz) Rittersdorf have the same goals as parents:  To be great role models for their two sons and to raise them to be good men. But like many of us, their parenting styles are a little different, which can create conflict. We’ll discuss how parents with different parenting styles can find common ground.

Lifestyle #2356

Emotional Fitness

On this Mad About Marriage, David and Teresa Ferguson share the importance of managing hurts, frustrations, and disappointments in marriage. They are authors of over 30 books, including Emotional Fitness.

Lifestyle #2347

Marriage Detente

Conflict resolution is difficult for many couples, but our Mad About Marriage guest has some effective ways to work through them. Our guest, Amy Smalley, along with her husband Michael, has created the Marriage Intensive Movement, something that has impacted couples across America.

Lifestyle #2348

21 Days to Self-Discovery

People often lose their identity in marriage. Our Mad About Marriage guest, registered marriage and family therapist Emma Jackson-Causey, reveals how to rediscover and maintain your self-identity in marriage. She’s written 21 Days of Rediscovery, a book chronicling her personal journey after years to rediscover herself as a wife and mother.

Lifestyle #2349

Bedroom Blues

Looking to beat the bedroom blues in your marriage? Our guests have solutions to prove that sex doesn’t always go downhill after marriage. Dr. Paul and Teri Reisser have used their backgrounds as physician and therapist to help us get to the heart of our bedroom blues. And they have some remarkable solutions.

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