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Healthy Body, Healthy Brain with Dr. Gary Small

Are you afraid of losing your mind? Today’s guest is going to help us learn how to keep our minds young and how to avoid memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s for as long as you can. Our guest is behavioral health physician and chief for Hackensack Meridian Health and New York Time’s #1 best seller Dr. Gary Small. He is going to discuss when forgetfulness may be a sign of more serious problems and help us understand how to stay pro-active in our brain health. We’ll take a look at one of Dr. Small’s books on how to keep our brains and bodies young.


Alzheimer’s Can Affect Young People Too

While Alzheimer’s is most common in older adults, it sometimes affects young people in their 20s and 30s. This form of Alzheimer’s is known as early-onset Alzheimer’s. Experts aren’t really sure what triggers Alzheimer’s disease in young people. Some people have the three main genes for the disease, which can be identified through genetic tests….

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