It’s Still A Wonderful Life

Maybe life hasn’t gone to plan. And maybe some of your big dreams faded many Christmases ago.   And maybe, just maybe, you feel a bit like George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life, where you woke up this morning wishing you had never been born. But if you had never been born, think of all…

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Blind Resilience

Today on Lifestyle Magazine, you are going to hear an incredible story of resilience, healing, and forgiveness. Janet Perez Eckles suffered a series of traumas starting with going blind in her early thirties, her husband leaving her twice, the murder of her youngest son and having to relive that horror daily through an almost endless and unfair court battle. Now, an international motivational speaker, she uses infectious passion for life to inspire others, to overcome their own challenges.

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Our topic today is rather serious. There is no other force on the planet that is as devastating as war. And of its victims, none are more seriously affected than the children.  Our guest today, Kim Phuc, understands this first-hand. She is the subject of an iconic photograph that is found on the cover of the book that she has just released entitled Fire Road: The Napalm Girl’s Journey through the Horrors of War to Faith, Forgiveness, and Peace.   Free Offer: Touch Points pamphlet Forgiveness-Power to Begin Again Offer Code: FPTBA-T-F-401 Offer Description:  Unable to accept or give forgiveness for things in life is a very common problem people have. It contributes to anger, mental and physical pain, guilt, and though the answer is a simple one, it isn’t often put into practice. In this tract, Larry Yeagley explains, from his experiences as a chaplain, how to get people to respond and experience forgiveness with others and with God. Accepting forgiveness and giving it are vital to mental freedom.

Lifestyle #2702

A New Season of Love

Al and Lisa Robertson of Duck Dynasty began their romance in junior high, marrying young and having two baby girls.  Al became a pastor at their church and all was wonderful, until Lisa had an affair.  Instead of divorcing, Al and Lisa came to terms with what went wrong in their marriage and with a renewed commitment began the hard work of making it right.  They are here to share their story of brokenness and redemption through love. Free Offer: “Overcoming Adultery” Offer Code: OA-T-F-401 Offer Description: Touch Points pamphlet “Overcoming Adultery.”  Though many would assume otherwise, Christian marriages can—and do—survive adultery.

Lifestyle #2227

Ultimate Loss

Terry Caffey from Across America Ministries discusses how he lost his wife and kids through a violent homicide, and how God brought him out of that darkness to a place of salvation and healing.

Lifestyle #2208

Getting Over The Ultimate Crime

Rebecca Alonzo’s childhood was a nightmare. She and her family were terrorized by a man who eventually shot her parents. Rebecca, author of The Devil in Pew Number Seven, shares her ordeal and healing on this episode.

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