Lifestyle #3309

Voice for the Voiceless with Kate Linder and Susan Olsen

Are you an animal lover? It’s been said that the perfect companions never have fewer than four feet. Today’s guests truly have hearts for our furry friends and they use their platforms in the spotlight to make a difference. Susan Olsen best known as Cindy from the Brady Bunch and Kate Linder known as Esther from Young and the Restless join us with veterinarian Dr. Giselle Concepcion. We’re going to hear about several animal rescue organizations, Susan’s upcoming animal adoption, Kate’s next project, and then Dr. Concepcion is going to talk about preventive care for pets.


5 Reasons Pet Owners Are Healthier & Happier!

Pets. There’s just something about them that makes us feel good! So good, in fact, that pet owners visit their doctor less often than non-pet owners. While this is true, few people know the reasons why, until now. Healthier Heart and Lower Blood Pressure Pet ownership, especially dog ownership, is associated with a lower risk…


Hypoallergenic Dogs and Cats: Myth or Reality?

About one in 10 people have pet allergies. They cannot be in the same room with a cat or dog without sneezing or experiencing other allergy symptoms. For these people, hypoallergenic pets may seem like the obvious solution. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. In fact, hypoallergenic dogs or cats might be a myth after all….

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