To Be Thankful, Or, To Be Grateful?

We hear the words “gratitude” and “thanksgiving” so much that I wonder if they’ve become little more than self-help platitudes and warm-sounding seasonal cliches. Have we lost a meaningful appreciation for the true spirit of thankfulness and gratitude? And what do they really mean anyway, aren’t they the same thing? Emotion And Attitude Gratitude comes…


5 Ways To Endure Life’s Trying Times

Everybody has “stuff” to deal with. For some, it might be money worries, relationship problems, parenting challenges, etc. You name it; everyone is going through something. Life isn’t easy. Imagine how life would be if we were more patient, gracious, understanding, and kind, and much less critical and judgmental because we’re in this together; everybody…


How Gratitude Affects Your Health

The results are in! Grateful people eat healthier, sleep better and take better care of themselves. They are mentally and physically healthier. You’re probably wondering what gratitude has to do with your physical health. Well, it turns out that being grateful about the little things helps you make better decisions for your health. You are…

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