Is It A Cold or Pneumonia?

Most of us only know about one type of pneumonia — the one that hospitalizes about 1 million people every year. However, there’s another kind called walking pneumonia, whose symptoms are very similar to the common cold or flu. About two million people in the US catch walking pneumonia every year. Most think it’s a…


Get Your Energy Back After Being Ill

Here’s why you felt weak and crummy after that cold, flu, or stomach bug. It’s because your body worked extra hard to fight off the illness. It’s the job of your white blood cells to regenerate and repair the daily wear and tear of the muscles.  But when you’re sick or get an infection, they…


Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

So, your workout has been going great and you’ve not skipped a day in a while. In fact, you’re killing it! But then you catch a cold or stomach bug and get sick, and can’t decide whether to work out or take a break to give your body a chance to heal. On one hand,…

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