Lifestyle #3011

Work Out With Obi

Whether our fitness battle is finding time to exercise, finding the energy to workout, or even having access to a gym, our own Obi Obadike, celebrity fitness expert who is one of the most published fitness experts over the past decade, and has graced more fitness magazine covers than any African-American fitness professional, is here to help us discover how to lose weight and gain muscle right there in your home. Free Offer: Plyometric Workout with Obi Obadike Offer Code: PLYO-T-401


Get a Better Workout in Less Time

Some people really love working out, but most want to get their workout done as fast as possible. They’re always looking for the ultimate bang-for-your-buck workouts that get them the best results in the shortest time! Compound exercises are the easiest way to take your workout from good to great without spending more time in…


Staying Fit After 40!

After 40, some parts of our bodies become tighter and stiffer while others become rounder and squishier! There are a couple of reasons why this happens. The metabolism slows by about 5% every decade after the age of 40. You will have to eat 100 calories less every day to maintain your weight, and much…

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