Desk Job Causing Neck, Wrist and Back Pain?

Americans spend one billion dollars every week on work-related musculoskeletal injuries because many of us spend our workdays straining to accommodate our workstations when it should be the other way around. Having a workstation that isn’t suited for your body forces you to hold your wrists, neck, shoulders and back in strange positions for hours…


Eliminate Or Reduce Pain With Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a safe and effective treatment for many health conditions, from chronic pain to sports injuries. It strengthens your muscles and makes you more flexible, bringing relief to the hurting areas. Physical therapy is so much safer than pain medications, which only provide temporary relief and come with cardiovascular and stomach bleeding risks….

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Managing Migraines

Imagine feeling nausea or seeing spots, flashing lights, and feeling a blinding pain in your temple. These and other debilitating symptoms are common for migraine sufferers experienced by our guest today actress Jackie Zeman, who you know from General Hospital and The Bay.  She shares her tips on how to make it through the pain.  Also joining us is migraine expert, Dr. Rich Hirschinger. Free Offer: “Headache Fact Sheet” Offer Code: MIGRAN-T-F-401 Offer Description: Web article “Headache Fact Sheet” from

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