5 Ways To Build Your Child’s Self-Worth

What good parent doesn’t want their kids to be happy and successful? But how do we do that, exactly? We compliment and affirm, support them, tell them to chase their dreams, and teach them to live for something bigger than themselves. What else can we do? According to experts, we should teach them how to be…

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Parenting, Hope and Humor

Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming, whether you’re a single parent or married a sense of humor always helps. Today on our show, we have a comedian and a mother of three who’s experienced divorce, been a single mother, and then a newlywed with teens and a newborn. In addition to all of that, she escaped war torn Croatia as a teen, survived poverty and suicidal depression only then to win Oprah Winfrey’s search for the next TV star, with her viral videos of hope and humor being viewed more than a billion times. See how the key of attitude helped Kristina Kuzmič throughout all of these life experiences. 


Parental Burnout: Why Self-Care is Child Care

Parenting is demanding, especially when you have more than one kid because then you’re outnumbered! Raising healthy, happy kids is hard enough by itself but when you add all of your other responsibilities to the mix, life can become overwhelming pretty fast.   Even so, parents rarely admit when they’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed because…

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Social Media And Your Kids

Every 60 seconds, on average, 452,000 Tweets are sent; 4.1 million YouTube videos are viewed; over 70,000 hours of Netflix are watched; nearly 2 million pictures are Snapchatted; and over 45,000 Instagram posts are uploaded, and those numbers are only going up. Author and social media expert, Jonathan McKee, will talk about what the use of social media might mean for you and your children. He discusses the risks of social media and the conversations parents need to have with their children. He is the author of over 20 books, including the brand-new The Teen’s Guide to Social Media and Mobile Devices. Free Offer: Articles by Jonathan McKee from The Source For Parents. Offer Code: SMAYK-T-F-401 Offer Description: Articles by Jonathan McKee from The Source For Parents; “Parenting Middle Schoolers”, “Helping Your Kids THINK Before They CLICK” and “Three Ingredients Catalyzing the Spike in Teen Depression”

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Unwanted Children

Ten children, all fostered, died in his arms. One of his own sons died. His other son was born with brittle bones. His days are spent caring for unwanted children. We’re about to meet the man who has one of the biggest heart you’ve ever seen. Our first guest is Mohamed Bzeek, a foster parent who takes in terminally ill children, often caring for them until they die. He was recently given the International Benevolence Award. Also joining us is actress, Adel René, from Showtime’s Twin Peaks. She will share her incredible story of caring for her brother when he was diagnosed with ALS. She’s an active volunteer with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and the Make a Film Foundation. Free Offer: The Healing Power of Love by Jerry D. Thomas Offer Code: HPOL-P-F-401 Offer Description: Jesus taught people that they had been given precious talents. His own life showed that every moment can influence eternity, that every moment is a treasure to be spent making someone’s life better and heaven more real.

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Faith, Family, Fatherhood

Country music artist Tracy Lawrence has had the kind of music career most people only dream about with more that 13 million albums sold, eight #1 Billboard hits and more than 40 singles on the charts.  But life always has its share of ups and downs. Today Tracy and his wife Becca share about career, managing marriage and parenting challenges including homeschooling their kids and how they keep family as a priority. Free Offer: Health & Healing Magazine: Enrich Your Marriage     Offer Code: ENRICH-M-F-401   Offer Description:  By the Wildwood Lifestyle Center Journal of Health & Healing editorial staff.  Articles include “Romantic Love That Lasts a Lifetime” and quiz: “Is Your Marriage in Trouble?”

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Epilepsy Explained

Greg Grunberg played a police detective with special powers on the TV series Heroes and was the best recon flier in the resistance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  But when his smart, athletic, and otherwise healthy 7-year-old son, Jake, was diagnosed with epilepsy 6 years ago he had to do some very different research to help him.  Greg shares what he has learned as a parent and is joined by Dr. Christianne Heck, Medical Director of USC’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center to help us understand a bit more about epilepsy.   Free Offer: 1.) Web article “What is Epilepsy?” and 2.) Epilepsy Foundation Recommendations articles   Offer Code: EPILEP-T-F-401   Offer Description: Web article on epilepsy plus information from the Epilepsy Foundation on Recommendations for Care of Adults with Epilepsy and Recommendations for Care of Children with Epilepsy

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Infertility Struggles

Justin Osmond was born 90% deaf, but his will power and determination allowed him to do what many would consider impossible and follow in his father’s (Merrill Osmond) footsteps in music as well as a host of other accomplishments.  He shows us how to hear not simply with our ears but with our hearts. When he and his wife Kristi looked to adopt their twins, they needed to consider a few extra elements. In this episode, we join their journey in the decision to adopt and the joy in parenting. Sometimes miracles are around the corner in unexpected places.   Free Offer: Coping with the Stress of Infertility   Offer Code: INFERT-T-F-401   Offer Description: Web article Fact Sheet Series by The National Infertility Association  

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Building Happy Kids

Our guests today are going to share secrets to anchoring a positive, happy core in our kids.  You know our guest today best from shows like Sons & Daughters and General Hospital or movies like the beloved ET.  However, Dee Wallace is also a teacher and life coach and she is here to talk about why strong self-esteem is so important for children.  She is joined with our special guest child psychotherapist, Katie Hurley, author of The Happy Kid Handbook.   Free Offer: “Loving Yourself” Offer Code: LY-T-F-401   Offer Description: Touch Points pamphlet “Loving Yourself”   Featured Books: Shop Now Shop Now

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