5 Ways To Boost Emotional Growth

Emotional maturity is understanding your feelings and wisely applying that understanding in your life.  People with emotional maturity are good at handling difficult situations calmly and in a non-inflammatory manner. Emotionally mature people know when to reach out for help or acknowledge they need a break to avoid burning out.  This level of self-awareness is…


5 Tips To Reduce & Resolve Conflict

Conflict happens. Period. There’s no escaping it, no matter how hard you try. Even silly, trivial things can flare up into full-blown arguments. It’s crazy.  Since we can’t eliminate conflict, we should at least know effective ways to deal with it, starting with creating healthy boundaries and balancing our emotions to reduce unnecessary stress and…


Mad About Marriage Seminar Live!

Mike & Gayle Tucker of Faith For Today Television bring their live Mad About Marriage Seminar to your home on this 6-session DVD set. Mike & Gayle deal with a wide range of relationship topics, offering practical advice for the issues that couples face every day. Topics include: Communication Connection Spirituality Problem Solving Marital Expectations…


Marriage Moments

Mike and Gayle Tucker offer realistic and down-to-earth insight into what makes a great relationship. The book addresses sensitive issues such as forgiveness, jealousy, financial difficulties, anger, communication, illness, addiction, extramarital affairs, and much more.

Lifestyle #3020

“Ed Asner – Special”

Today we are airing a fan favorite Lifestyle Magazine show from our archives.  Edward Asner is a legend who won Emmy awards playing a newspaper editor searching for the truth on TV.  We were so fortunate to have him on our show before his passing.  He joined us with his son Matt to share the truth they’ve learned from personal experience about autism. Free Offer: NIMH pamphlet “Autism Spectrum Disorder” Offer Description: The National Institute of Mental Health brochure informs parents and adults on the range of symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including social impairment, communications issues, and repetitive behaviors. Discusses diagnosis and treatment of ASD, as well as possible related co-occurring mental disorders. Offer Code: AUTISM-T-F-401

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