Lifestyle #3001

Parenting, Hope and Humor

Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming, whether you’re a single parent or married a sense of humor always helps. Today on our show, we have a comedian and a mother of three who’s experienced divorce, been a single mother, and then a newlywed with teens and a newborn. In addition to all of that, she escaped war torn Croatia as a teen, survived poverty and suicidal depression only then to win Oprah Winfrey’s search for the next TV star, with her viral videos of hope and humor being viewed more than a billion times. See how the key of attitude helped Kristina Kuzmič throughout all of these life experiences. 


10 Ways to Combat Loneliness

Photo by Tijs van Leur on Unsplash Loneliness is feeling sad about being socially disconnected and isolated from people. When you’re going through something very difficult and you wish you had someone to talk to but don’t, you can feel emotionally lonely. Most people feel sad, lonely or even depressed from time to time because…

Lifestyle #3008

Finding Peace

Warrick Dunn spent 12 seasons in the NFL winning Offensive Rookie of the year and playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons and in three Pro Bowls. He was also one of the first pro football players to ever publicly admit his struggles with depression, triggered by the murder of a family member. Today he shares his journey to find peace.


What is “Major” Depression

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay Depression is a mood disorder that causes feelings of despair and lack of interest. There are varying degrees of depression from mild, to temporary episodes of sadness, to severe, persistent depression. The most severe form of depression is major depression, also known as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. It…


Childhood Depression

Do you worry that your child might be depressed? As parents, we never want to see our children sad. When the sadness prolongs for no reason, it’s easy for us to blame ourselves and become frustrated. If your child is persistently sad or feels hopeless, it could be a sign that he or she may…

Lifestyle #2507

Mood Therapy

Feeling depressed? We all get that sometimes. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans spend around 50 billion dollars – that’s billion with a B – each year on psychotherapy. Is there a cheaper way? Yes. And we’ll tell you what that is on this edition of Lifestyle Magazine with our guests, Dr. David Burns and Dr. Karen Radella.

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