Lifestyle #2307

SuperBowl Champion Benjamin Utecht

Tight end Benjamin Utecht helped the Indianapolis Colts win a Super Bowl before retiring from the game due to a third concussion. Ben joined hosts Mike & Gayle Tucker to talk about the aftermath of so many concussions and his life after football as a singer…and surprise…he’s truly the real-life GLEE guy that plays football and sings too!

Lifestyle #2246

Ready to Win Over Anxiety

Hosts Mike and Gayle Tucker welcome Dr. Thelma Wells, author of Ready to Win Over Worry and Anxiety. Wells discusses how to overcome anxiety, a biological response to fear. According to Wells, a key step in defeating anxiety and worry is to know that you are loved.

Lifestyle #2253

Who Switched Off My Brain?

Did you know that what we think can be toxic to our bodies? Dr. Caroline Leaf, researcher and author of Who Switched Off My Brain? discusses how to avoid toxic thought patterns and how we can achieve our greatest potential for healthy living.

Lifestyle #2255

Loss of a Child

There’s no pain like that of losing a child. Our guest Elizabeth Brown, author of Surviving the Loss of a Child, will show us some specific steps toward grief recovery.

Lifestyle #2236


What is negaholism?  Are you a negaholic?  How do you handle the complainers in your life?  Carol Cannon, author of Hooked on Unhappiness, answers these questions and more.

Lifestyle #2202

Ruta Lee Interviews Rip Taylor and Robert David Hall

Ruta Lee sits down with Rip Taylor to talk about the abuse he suffered as a child and how he overcame it through the years to become one of America’s beloved comedians. Robert David Hall of CSI stops by Ruta’s to talk about the horrible accident where he lost part of both legs but has still managed to have a successful career on one of the hottest shows on television and also pursue his musical dreams, releasing an album of original music.

Lifestyle #2208

Getting Over The Ultimate Crime

Rebecca Alonzo’s childhood was a nightmare. She and her family were terrorized by a man who eventually shot her parents. Rebecca, author of The Devil in Pew Number Seven, shares her ordeal and healing on this episode.

Lifestyle #2259

Ruta Lee Interviews George Wallace

Joining Ruta Lee is one of Comedy Central’s 100 top comedians of all time, Mr. George Wallace. He has been selling out comedy clubs and concert venues all over the country, derives his comedy from the everyday and simply shares moments of life. Since 2004, Mr. Wallace has been a resident comedian headliner at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

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