4 Action Steps To START Getting Unstuck In Life

According to Oracle, a global study revealed that 75% of people feel stuck in their lives personally and professionally. Settling for a life without passion is no way to live. Feeling stuck, trapped, or imprisoned sucks the joy out of life, making it nearly impossible to be happy. Do you feel unhappy, depressed, or dissatisfied…

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Living with Psoriasis and Eczema with Dr. Gene Rubinstein

Today’s guest is Dr. Gene Rubinstein, dermatologist and researcher, who has written numerous articles for medical journals and a mentor of other physicians on laser, filler, and other cosmetic procedures in dermatology. He is currently a clinical instructor at UCLA. He will share how the two diseases, eczema and psoriasis are very different and treatments that we’ve never had before to attack these diseases. He is joined by his patient, Paula Elder, and actor model, Dustin Scheetz, who share their journeys with psoriasis and eczema and how their conditions led to insecurities and self-consciousness.


How to Prioritize Your Vision Health as You Age

As you age and go through life, your body will go through various changes, and your eyes are no exception. In the US alone, more than one-quarter of Americans aged 71 years and older have impaired vision. This is why taking proactive steps to safeguard your eye health becomes paramount as you age. Read on to…

How To Keep Fear From Holding You Back

In this episode of the Podcast, host Roy Ice speaks with Nedy and Cheryl, co-stars of “In With the Outcasts” (IWTOTV), a YouTube kids show that aims to inspire children who have experienced bullying or feel like outcasts. Located in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, IWTOTV thrives online and organizes events at schools and various venues to spread the anti-bullying message. The show serves as a beacon of hope for children who often feel isolated, different, or like outcasts due to their experiences with bullying. This dynamic duo discusses various topics including music, anti-bullying initiatives, IWTOTV, faith, and more

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery with Cynthia Eddings

Do you have a friend, family member, or significant other who never takes accountability for their actions? Do they go so far as to blame you for their own bad behavior? Well, you may be dealing with a narcissist. We throw the term around casually, but narcissism is a very real condition that can lead to serious abuse. Joining us today is licensed marriage and family therapist, Cynthia Eddings, as we shed light on the epidemic that is narcissistic abuse and the trauma it inflicts.


5 Steps to Ensure Mental Well-Being When Planning for a Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and a lot of planning will ensure that it goes smoothly. However, while the days leading up to the big day can bring you a lot to look forward to, wedding planning and balancing your mental health can be tough.  Just like with…

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Living with Bipolar Disorder with Maurice Benard and Dr. Gary Small

Are you tired of letting all the negativity around you affect your positivity? Maurice Benard knows all about how to reframe the bad into the good, your favorite bad boy, multiple daytime Emmy and Soap Opera Digest Award winner known for his role as Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital. We’re also joined by Behavioral Health Physician in Chief, Dr. Gary Small, to discuss what it’s like living with bipolar disorder.

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Journey to Recovery with Tarzana Treatment Center

How many of you have ever felt like you’ve lost control over your lives? Did you have help or were you on your own? Well, today’s guests play integral roles with the Tarzana Treatment Centers treating substance use disorders, addictive disorders, treat mental health, and provide medical services. Joining us today are Program Counselors, Kris Lee, and Ceasar Corona, and Clinical Director Dr. Ken Bachrach to help you change your life if you’re struggling with addictions or mental illness, and have a life again.


5 Ways To Boost Emotional Growth

Emotional maturity is understanding your feelings and wisely applying that understanding in your life.  People with emotional maturity are good at handling difficult situations calmly and in a non-inflammatory manner. Emotionally mature people know when to reach out for help or acknowledge they need a break to avoid burning out.  This level of self-awareness is…

Why You Should Ditch the S.A.D. Diet

In this episode of the Podcast title, host Roy Ice talks with Denise Stegall, the CEO and Curator at Living Healthy List and author of the international best-seller “Healthy Living, Happy Life”. Stegall shares valuable insights on how individuals can achieve a healthy and happy life by incorporating simple practices, including our food choices and adding healthy lifestyle principles into our daily routines, offering flexibility for a personalized journey that suits each individual. Tune in to gain practical knowledge and inspiration for living your best life.

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