To Be Thankful, Or, To Be Grateful?

We hear the words “gratitude” and “thanksgiving” so much that I wonder if they’ve become little more than self-help platitudes and warm-sounding seasonal cliches. Have we lost a meaningful appreciation for the true spirit of thankfulness and gratitude? And what do they really mean anyway, aren’t they the same thing? Emotion And Attitude Gratitude comes…


Does Self-Help Work?

Self-help “wisdom” is everywhere these days. New self-help books pop up every day, and social media is overflowing with inspirational quotes from self-help experts. Although people want to improve their lives, many are skeptical of self-help books and personal development gurus because they wonder if it really works. The good news is that research shows…

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Creative Vets

We’re talking about post-traumatic stress with veterans, Richard Casper and Ryan Matthews. As a Marine in Iraq, Richard Casper survived four different IED blasts that inflicted a brain injury and post-traumatic stress. He shares his personal story and the unique way he commemorated the death of his gunner and good friend, Luke Yepsen.  He found a creative way to deal with PTS and as co-founder of Creativets is helping other veterans to heal through music and art. Army veteran, author and inspirational speaker, Ryan Matthews, shares what going through the Creativets program meant to him.  He’s joined with his dog, Zeus, a Belgian Malinois. Through Zeus and his unconditional love, it taught him to connect with family, friends, and loved ones.  Ryan and Zeus recently did a TEDx Talk overcoming PTSD using dog training techniques.  He is a trainer and founder of World of Dog Training, an online dog training at Free Offer: CareNotes Coping With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Offer Description: Though this CareNotes is written by the Staff of the National Military Family Association, the information contained within can be of help to anyone who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Whether due to the experiences of combat, abuse, loss, or other trauma, PTSD can disrupt a person’s livelihood, relationships, and general well-being. This CareNotes offers both the sufferer and his or her loved ones a thorough overview of the disorder and provides proven resources and avenues for getting help.

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Treasure Overflowing

Inspirational artist MARi Burelle has overcome a lot in her life – an abusive past along with serious health issues. But through the darkness, she found the light.  She’s here to share her journey, the touchstones that helped her shift her life situations and the hope and positive messages that infuse her music, including her latest release, “Treasure”. Free Offer: The National Domestic Violence Hotline Awareness Brochure Offer Code: TNDVH-T-F-401   Offer Description:  “Can an abusive partner change?”


Past Guests

Lifestyle Magazine has been blessed to host many prestigious guests over the 31 years the show has been on the air.  Here is a list of our more recent guests – experts, authors, celebrities and inspirational people – with links to the show(s) where they are featured. [unitegallery gallery] Guest Name Shows Appeared [loop type=shows]…

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