A Setback Is Just a Setup for a Comeback

In this episode of “A Setback Is Just a Setup for a Comeback”, host Roy Ice talks with Dr. Willie Jolley, a highly sought-after motivational speaker. Dr. Jolley shares his expertise on how to “do more, be more, and achieve more” in both business and life. He garnered attention when he was called upon by Ford Motors during their 2006 financial crisis, and he offers valuable insights on winning in challenging situations. Tune in to learn how setbacks can pave the way for incredible comebacks!


Make Your Health & Fitness Resolutions Stick!

It’s that time of the year when tons of well-meaning people head to the gym to begin working on their new fitness goals. It’s unfortunate that most of these resolutions will be long forgotten by mid-February (or sooner). The main reason is because most resolutions are unrealistic; people set themselves up for failure before they…

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