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Work Out With Obi

Whether our fitness battle is finding time to exercise, finding the energy to workout, or even having access to a gym, our own Obi Obadike, celebrity fitness expert who is one of the most published fitness experts over the past decade, and has graced more fitness magazine covers than any African-American fitness professional, is here to help us discover how to lose weight and gain muscle right there in your home. Free Offer: Plyometric Workout with Obi Obadike Offer Code: PLYO-T-401


5 Ways To Avoid This #1 Killer

The heart is one of the most important vital organs of the body. So why don’t people take better care of it?  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in United States. About 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year. Since taking care of your heart is important, here are five easy things…


4 Easy Ways To Sneak More Fruit and Veggies Into Your Diet

According to science, by eating more fruits and vegetables, we reduce our risk of certain diseases such as cancer and extend longevity by years. By eating healthier foods, we reduce the consumption of junk foods, processed foods, and preservatives. And it’s so easy to plug into the power of fruit and vegetables! Here’s the good…


4 Foods That Sharpen Focus and Concentration

We live in an age of distraction and overwhelm. It seems everything and everyone is competing for our attention and mental bandwidth. In fact, experts estimate we’re bombarded with 5, 000 to 10,000 ads daily. And that’s not including everyone who comes into our lives wanting or needing something, spreading us way too thin. If…

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