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Longevity Secrets from America’s Prototype Nerd with Actor Barry Livingston

Your attitude when you encounter obstacles can make all the difference in the world. We’re going to talk to actor Barry Livingston from Mad Men and The Social Network, the prototype nerd who bullied as kid and was able to create over a 50-year career bringing to life all kinds of wonderful characters. If you know someone who is struggling with a bully, check out this show for inspiration on how to handle bullying.


4 Tips To Stop Avoiding Your Problems

Life isn’t always easy. Okay… it’s hardly ever easy.  It’s easy to avoid dealing with painful and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. We procrastinate by overanalyzing, rethinking, over-thinking, second-guessing, or falling into passive-aggressive behaviors. These are a few common coping mechanisms we use to avoid facing problems that we know we’ll have to face sooner or…


It’s Still A Wonderful Life

Maybe life hasn’t gone to plan. And maybe some of your big dreams faded many Christmases ago.   And maybe, just maybe, you feel a bit like George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life, where you woke up this morning wishing you had never been born. But if you had never been born, think of all…


Part 2: Defeating Self-Doubt

Self-doubt takes a real toll on your life, especially on self-esteem. Knowing the source of self-doubt makes it possible to recover from it and strengthen your self-confidence and self-worth in the process.    Here are some common sources of self-doubt. Learned Behavior and Limiting Beliefs in Childhood Parents and caregivers that struggle with self-doubt often…


How To Become More Resilient

There’s a lot of talk about resiliency these days, but what is it?  According to the dictionary, with regards to an object, it’s the ability to spring back into shape; elasticity. Regarding you and me, it’s the ability to recover quickly from tragedies and challenges; it’s mental and emotional toughness. But resiliency is more than…

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