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Healthy Body, Healthy Brain with Dr. Gary Small

Are you afraid of losing your mind? Today’s guest is going to help us learn how to keep our minds young and how to avoid memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s for as long as you can. Our guest is behavioral health physician and chief for Hackensack Meridian Health and New York Time’s #1 best seller Dr. Gary Small. He is going to discuss when forgetfulness may be a sign of more serious problems and help us understand how to stay pro-active in our brain health. We’ll take a look at one of Dr. Small’s books on how to keep our brains and bodies young.


How to Prioritize Your Vision Health as You Age

As you age and go through life, your body will go through various changes, and your eyes are no exception. In the US alone, more than one-quarter of Americans aged 71 years and older have impaired vision. This is why taking proactive steps to safeguard your eye health becomes paramount as you age. Read on to…


Healthy Coping For Traumatic Events

Traumatic events can trigger powerful feelings like anxiety, stress, nervousness, sadness, anger, and more.  There are many kinds of trauma. It can be personal, like an assault or abuse, or a global crisis, like a natural disaster, a pandemic, or even war.  Trauma takes an emotional and mental toll. But the good news is that…


5 Lifestyle Choices For Better Mental Health

Medicine and therapy are the most common treatments for mental health problems like anxiety and depression, but lifestyle choices are often overlooked.   Psychology Today says, “That’s a lamentable oversight because lifestyle changes—things as simple as nutrition and exercise—can have a significant impact on quality of life, for any of us, but especially for those dealing with issues…


Metabolic Syndrome And Your Health

We hear a lot about “Metabolic syndrome” these days.  The metabolic process regulates many body functions that, in turn, determine your quality of health.  Metabolic Syndrome According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, “Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that together raise your risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious health problems. Metabolic…


Emotional Health Leaders Kit

This product is coming soon! Emotional Health: Unlock Your Best Life is an interactive, six-session course exploring the importance of emotional health and how it affects a person’s well-being.  The course allows community friendships to develop as participants unlock their pathway to an emotionally healthy lifestyle. In a small group setting a local session leader…


Emotional Health Participant Guidebook

This product is coming soon! One participant guidebook for the small group course Emotional Health: Unlock Your Best Life.   This book is a companion to the Leaders Kit (Guide & DVD set).  Each participant will need their own workbook for notes and journalling.   Click here to purchase the Leaders Kit


5 Steps to Improve Your Mental Health

We live in an age of information overload, where content and data fight for space in our brains. Now more than ever, we must guard our minds and take charge of our mental health because we are under constant bombardment. According to research, there are simple techniques we can use to improve our mental well-being. …

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